Homer Kizer

    —Logger, Fisherman, Writer, Prophet

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is with great sadness I must inform you of Homer Kizer’s death, Friday 21 October 2016. We had only discussed that morning what I would do if something happened to him. I reminded him of the conversation we had when he was first called in 2002–that I, as his webmaster, would continue to maintain the websites and refurbish as technology required–today that means making every piece of his rereading prophecy, prose and poetry mobile friendly. When every woman in Pakistan and every man in huts in Africa seem to have cell phones [as an aside, we/I do not], the only way to reach the world is on a small screen. Homer’s voluminous writings make this a daunting task, but one I accept and, God willing, will complete before I die.

Some of you have asked why Homer wrote, composing his arguments, to a seemingly highly educated audience, instead of to the common man, many of whom may lack even a high school education. Here is his answer.

Homer was teaching a session of English in 2002, just after he had received his calling. He had returned from school, walked into the house, flipping on the TV on his way to the kitchen to make coffee [TCT or Totally Christian Television from Marion, IL was the only station our rabbit ears picked up]. The evangelist Benny Hinn was interviewing fellow evangelist, Francis Frangipane, who was saying that the way to reach people with truth was to convert/train their pastors/teachers. When preaching truth, the real truth, one of three things would happen. The pastor would, of necessity, divide the flock into 3 parts; one would stay with the pastor because they recognized the truth; one would leave immediately in a huff, saying they could only accept the traditions they had previously been taught; and one part would become enemies, not only of the pastor, but his remaining congregation. Homer by this time had forgotten the coffee and had sat down to listen to what Frangipane was saying. As he heard him speaking, another voice said inside him, “That is how it will be,” a voice just like the one Homer heard when he was called.

As a result of that quiet voice, Homer always wrote in such a way that intelligentia, academe, people who use logic in searching for truth, would recognize the truth in his writings, and would be faced with a choice–either reject it or accept it–there would be no middle ground, no room for argument. One reader from Norway concluded that if Homer was right, the entire world was wrong.

Think of it this way: if you were searching for intelligent life on another planet, you would search for anomalies, ideas, objects, processes that could not occur naturally. A paper clip is one such example–there is no possible way for said clip to evolve–it would require knowledge of metallurgy [what alloy would allow for the bending and maintaining of the loops?] and intelligent design [does its form speak to function?]. The Second Passover is just such a paper clip. No explanation is possible for a third of humanity worldwide perishing in an instant, upon later investigation proving to have been only firstborns, except that an unseen hand from somewhere, God, has set His hand to redeem His people. When that occurs, we will know how much time we have left, almost to the day.

Homer’s greatest contribution to humanity is his prophesying the Second Passover. He came to this revelation by realization by finding the key of David tucked within the pages of every Bible–the physical reveals the spiritual, the visible reveals the invisible. Chirality says if you have a left hand you will have a right hand–so it’s not even necessary to see the right hand–you can find its evidence by looking at your left hand. Because he was trained as a poet, he found the buried literary trope of Hebraic thought couplets–the first line(s) of thought presented in the physical portion–the second line(s) presenting, concluding the spiritual portion of meaning. No one had ever understood what Bishop Papias had written of the Apostle Matthew having written in Hebrew style, until Homer realized that Mark’s gospel was the physical presentation of Matthew’s later gospel, written for spiritual people.

In cleaning this week, I found this in Homer’s pile of papers on the table–it’s just the one sheet.

... I wasn’t happy when I couldn’t load a 400 pound wood range in a pickup bed by myself but needed the help of a neighbor and two come-alongs. Yes, I’m older. But I’m out of shape. My brother Ben, sixteen months younger, can still hike trails; can pass the physical for Forest Service firefighters (he’s a retired G-13 Forester). But I had gotten where it was difficult to walk a few hundred yards, let alone miles. Literally, writing was killing me.

However, after fourteen years, I realized I had said, had written what needed said ...

I wasn’t called to make disciples, to prepare a people. I was called to reread prophecy and that I had done, becoming a Christian iconoclast read worldwide. It was time to figuratively disappear. The work remains out there–that’s both the greatness and the weakness of the Internet. For the last six months I was repeating myself.

I received a call on Sabbath from a supporter who expressed sorrow that he had not had a chance to sit down with Homer, see him face to face and look into his eyes--stating, "You could always tell the integrity of a man if you could look into his eyes." Homer had given me the morning he died a selection of essays to format for the net, some of which had lain on an old computer since before his calling. When you read these essays, you will have seen into his eyes--you will know what kind of man he was--the man I was priveleged to have loved, a man who also loved me. As you read this, know I consider myself the richest woman on earth--I shared a work of earth-shattering importance--I will not let it fade.

Although Homer never asked for support, he accepted it when offered. I, his wife, Carolyn Smith-Kizer, will maintain and update his many sites, which today requires reformatting Homer's voluminous work so that his work will continue to be available to a worldwide audience.

Carolyn Smith-Kizer
Homer Kizer Ministries
email: hkministries@homerkizer.org
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