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Common Greetings —

The War to End

Western Civilization



The rioting at Ferguson, Missouri, discloses a structural flaw in newly manufactured Americans, grown in the social experiment of the Great Society in which education would be standardized and income guaranteed, these assembly-line Americans engineered to not trust local governance but to trust governance from a distance as if they truly believe the person who comes from afar and says, I’m from the Federal Government, and I’m here to help … American youth went from not trusting anyone over thirty in the 1960s to not trusting State Governors from thirty states, twenty-nine of whom are Republicans, with this youth bias for political Democrats being the product of the assembly-line having successfully taught two generations of Americans that Republicans want corporate welfare at the expense of the welfare of the people.

The rioting at Ferguson has nothing to do with whether God hates Missouri, the stuff that haters proclaim, or whether there is a conspiracy by police to cover-up a bad shooting, which evidence probably will not support. The rioting comes from inner lawlessness in looters, and the looters having no regard for the private property of others. The looting comes from the same inner lawlessness that caused Michael Brown to strong-arm a store owner a few minutes before being shot by a police officer … where was Brown’s concern about the store owner whose property he took without intending to pay for it; where was Brown’s love for neighbor, the store owner? It wasn’t evident in the surveillance tape of Brown strong-arming the clerk. There was no civilized behavior in evidence immediately before the shooting of an unarmed black man guilty of walking while black. That is how Brown’s death will be remembered—and that is a shame upon all of America.

The looters weren’t “civilized” during their physical maturation, which will precede their spiritual maturation and will form the shadow and copy of their spiritual maturation, meaning that it is extremely unlikely that any of the looters will escape the lake of fire when their judgments are revealed.

A social covenant exists between every citizen of a nation and the nation-state itself. Either party to this covenant can break it—and in the past, have broken it. But as with marriage covenants ratified by the blood of broken hymens … what, most Americans lose their virginity before marriage, even among Christians? Then marriage covenants between Americans are not typically ratified by the shedding of blood, and instead, are like real estate contracts, written in legalese and enforced by civil courts. That is the case; so it should come as no surprise to any American that the social contract between the governed and the governing that kept peace in America throughout the Great Depression when migrants to California were truly at the mercy of fruit growers and land owners has broken down and is now enforced by militarized police units on the streets of where French Colonials had grazed their cattle two-plus centuries ago.

The lawlessness of uncivilized looters isn’t subject to reason or logic. Rather it is fueled by raw emotion, ignited by professional race-baiters, persons who see the color of their skin as reason enough to overturn the social order and create next year’s model of manufactured Americans, as if social engineering is a predictable science akin to mechanical or electrical engineering.

Militarized police units hurry the protesters along the streets of Ferguson … whereas French cattle could graze in peace on the breaks of the Missouri and Mississippi, even peaceful protestors are not now allowed to stop and loiter on these same lands. It is as if the protesters are cattle being driven to market where they will be politically slaughtered, becoming meat for democratic politicians, hanging meat aged to perfection, awaiting grilling in the lake of fire. For all governance of this world—all authority in this world—comes through the Adversary, the still reigning prince of this world, the prince of the power of the air. Even authority that originates with God has been consigned to the Adversary for a season; consigned to bring about a harvest for God, with the faithful turning the Adversary’s broadcast of rebellion against the Adversary.

And therein is the problem at Ferguson, the same problem that existed in the 18th-Century when America’s founding fathers debated whether they had the authority to rebel against King George …

The logic America’s founders employed came from the Apostle Paul:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. (Rom 13:1–4 emphasis and double emphasis added)

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot—all were rulers that were terrors to good conduct. So is what Paul wrote true? Are rulers God’s servants for good? No! Emphatically NO! And America’s founders concluded that King George had become a terror to good conduct and thus disqualified himself from being a servant of God. Because King George was no longer a servant of God, it was the duty of America’s founders to rebel against him and his administration of the Colonies.

The reasoning is convoluted and requires several assumptions that Tories did not support: how can a servant of God disqualify himself and not be replaced by God Himself? Has God gone to sleep, the lament of the sons of Korah in Psalms 44:9–26? Tories asked, Will He awaken in the middle of America’s rebellion against the Crown? If He does, whose side will He be on?

What America’s founders didn’t understand was what Paul didn’t understand: all authority in this world has been consigned to the Adversary through all of humanity being humanly born consigned to disobedience (Rom 11:32) as sons of disobedience (Eph 2:2–3). The Most High God and His Firstborn Son, the glorified Christ Jesus, rule over no people in this world; for the Elect, the only human persons drawn from this world through being foreknown by the Father and predestined to be glorified, are in this world but not of this world. They have been withdrawn from this world through the indwelling of Christ Jesus; so their citizenship is not of this world.

President Obama serves the Adversary as his agent in charge of all Americans except for the Elect, who will be well advised to keep their heads down while rebelling against the Adversary by doing what is right, keeping the Commandments and thereby demonstrating outward love for God, neighbor, and brother that reflects the inward love of the disciple. A person cannot rebel against the Adversary by attempting to form a more perfect union of governed and governing entities, which only supports the Adversary by working to resolve problems inherent to self-governance. A person rebels against the Adversary by believing God, with this rebellion becoming perfected with the writing of the Law on hearts and placed in minds.

What social scientists do not understand is that humanity isn’t the product of random biology and cannot be reprogrammed in the next generation by controlling input, teaching small children that what their parents do and how their parents live threatens the world, that they are not to want what isn’t sustainable, like freedom and American exceptionalism; that all peoples everywhere are exceptional. People are not cattle despite sixty years of social engineering. People, however, revert to beast-like behavior when the mores of religion are weakened by neglect. Apparently people need the busy-work of praying often, of offering alms often, of sacrificing personal gratification for the good of others … but these things are not of God: they are of the flesh. They are antidotes to selfishness and the deification of the ego. And though God is invoked by Jew, Christian, and Muslim, God isn’t intervening in the affairs of humanity (except to prolong the course of events, and thereby allow the Adversary the fullness of the time allotted to him), and will not intervene until the Second Passover liberation of Israel.

When God sets His hand to intervene in the affairs of men, there will be no mistaking His intervention for natural phenomena.

Western Civilization will cease to be when God is forgotten, even if this God has been all along a counterfeit; has been the Adversary as the prince of this world posturing as the Most High God—and it is here where the rioting at Ferguson hurries along the visible demise of America, the last best hope for humanity to demonstrate that human persons can rule themselves.

America elected, then reelected a disengaged President, a former community organizer like the first community organizer, Satan the devil, who organized a rebellion against the Most High God and kept the rebellion hidden until iniquity was found within this anointed guardian prince and gridlock rent apart heaven itself, with heaven effectively dying as a man dies, then reconstructed [resurrected] in the form of a new heaven and a new earth in which New Jerusalem will function as the holy mountain of God.

America elected as President a community organizer, with the citizens of Ferguson overwhelming voting for the President; so it is reasonable for them to expect him to support them in seeing that justice is done, not that they really want justice: they want a cop to pay for shooting an unarmed black man who was guilty of walking in the street while black. Additional facts are irrelevant. All that really matters is the cop had a gun and the black man did not. And what will come out of this incident if perceived justice isn’t done is that every black man will have to carry a weapon and walk streets in body armor, thereby setting the stage for marshal law across America … the militarization of community police forces is the prelude to nationwide marshal law, confiscation of firearms, and the sort of sectarian warfare seen in Islamic nations, where Sunni and Shi’a kill each other in warring Muhammad would have prohibited.

America started down a very dark road when this nation sought to reengineer its citizenry following World War II. Borrowing concepts from the Nazis—and learning from Nazi excesses—the reengineering of Americans required breaking the American habit of saving, hoarding, not throwing stuff away that might be needed later. It required teaching American children to live for the moment; for life might end anytime. Hence, children—me being one—were taught to duck and cover at school; to take the vaccine because it will protect you from polio. And indeed, the Soviets had nuclear weapons and polio was a threat. What was taught to school children was logical and seemed reasonable, and certainly didn’t seem to be part of a conscious conspiracy to enslave a free people … it wasn’t part of a conspiracy originating in this world. It was, however, part of continued rebellion by the cohorts of the Adversary against God, rebellion apparently intended to end once and for all the schism that exists among the rebels.

In the timeless supra-dimensional heavenly realm, there is only the present: there is no past nor any future. What is will always be. Change can only occur when every entity simultaneously changes in a dance of oneness, with change erasing what was before, leaving no trace of what was before, thus leaving no before.

Without a before, the kingdom of God is doomed to repeat the mistakes and excesses of the past if any evidence of a “before” is left to be found … as very little evidence of the antediluvian world exists to be examined by scientists, very little of this present age will exist in the Millennium and beyond. From God’s perspective, it is apparently better that nothing remains: no social media, no books or printed material, no memory of Ferguson or of French Colonials pasturing their cattle on the bottoms, where protesters are herded along as beasts given to the prod.

If the Elect doesn’t remember what happened, the good as well as the bad, there will be no memory of either. There will be no memory of a journalist standing, awaiting beheading. There will be no memory of a black teen—a large man—strong-arming a store owner before being shot to death minutes later even though he was unarmed. There will be no memory of a disengaged President who was better at fundraising than even at golf, both of which he preferred to do over bothering himself with foreign policy.

Western Civilization will not last long when the one who speaks for America speaks as if his mouth is full of oatmeal.


"Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."